#10: What will the ‘new normal’ look like next year based on current facts?

Looking over the horizon of the current coronavirus pandemic, it’s hard to get a clear picture of the “new normal” everyone seems to be talking about. As Dr. Robert Pearl wrote in his latest Forbes column, health experts continue to debate the timeline for an effective coronavirus vaccine while financial experts continue to debate the best course for reopening the nation’s economy.

In episode 10 of Coronavirus: The Truth, Robert and his co-host Jeremy Corr examine the possibilities for a “new normal” in the near future. To do so, they look at successes and failures of other nations’ recovery efforts so far, break down the biggest opportunities and threats facing American patients and businesses, and dive into the latest on congressional stimulus efforts:

[00:59] What major coronavirus updates emerge from the past week?

[03:31] What’s the difference between isolation and quarantine?

[04:29] Sweden imposed only minimal restrictions on businesses and kept its schools open. What were the results and what can the U.S. learn?

[06:56] South Korea responded quickly and aggressively early on to contain the virus. So why did the country close down businesses again last week?

[08:35] Based on current facts, what will the “new normal” look like in spring 2021?

[10:00] How big is the mental health threat of sheltering in place?

[12:06] What were the three biggest failures of the U.S. coronavirus response?

[14:52] Why isn’t saliva-based (oral) testing getting more attention on a national level?

[17:23] When will we have all of the answers about the coronavirus?

[22:59] From a sales and marketing perspective, will the majority of small businesses need shift to an eCommerce strategy?

[24:56] The House just passed a $3 trillion bailout bill: What’s its fate and what difference would it make

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